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Theology & Practice​

Our vision as a church is to glorify God through our lives that have been transformed by the Word of God.  The presence of God is what we hunger for during our time of fellowship as we work together to further the kingdom of God.


Our mission is to communicate the unchanging truth of God so that it will be a catalyst for revelation and therefore transforming our thinking and thus, our lives.  We communicate this when we gather through teaching, praying, worshiping, studying the Bible and loving people.


Our desire is to continually equip every person coming through our doors to bring glory to God and the light of Jesus into their sphere of influence of family, friends, and co-workers.


Theological: Who is this about?

We seek to be God-centered in all that we think, say, and do. To be theological means that we are first and foremost a worshiping community whose purpose is to glorify God as our highest goal and enjoy Him as our greatest good. Practically, this means that our lives will center on learning more about God and what it means to honor Him in our lives. We do this by praying, studying His Word, and obeying Him by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Mission: What are we doing?

When God is our central focus, His mission will define our involvement in the world. God is seeking to save and redeem people through His Son Jesus Christ. It’s through this mission that He shows His love for the world. To be a mission community is to be aware of and involved in what God is doing in the world around us. We are sent by God to preach the Gospel and to live lives worthy of Him. This means that we are to view all of life with gospel intentionality, not sealing off portions of our lives from our faith, but seeing every aspect of our lives as an opportunity to be on God’s mission.

Relational: How are we doing it?

God has entered into relationship with us through the Gospel; likewise, we are to be in relationship with others. If God is our focus and His mission is the activity of our lives, then relationships are the context in which we live our lives. For this reason, the Church ought to be relational in everything so that we might reflect the character of God. By doing so, glory is given to Him and community is offered to us.

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